1. Is this a real website?
  2. Yes and No. While this is a real website that can be easily reached over the internet, it is created for educational purposes. Please do not enter actual credit card details when testing the checkout.

  3. What are these educational purposes?
  4. As assessment for the Full Stack Developer course offered by Code Institute.

  5. How do I test the checkout?
  6. Use credit card number 4242424242424242, any random 3 digit number for the CVV, and any date in the future.

  7. How was this website built?
  8. This website was built using Python, Django, Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, SQLite, and various plugin libraries.

  9. So I can't actually buy the items on this site?
  10. No. Not from this site.

  11. Where can I get actual products like those featured on the site?
  12. You can visit consolemad.co.uk, from where the products featured on this site were sourced.

  13. How does the game bible work?
  14. The game bible makes use of the IGDB api to get information from IGDB.

  15. So what about the shipping info and contact form?
  16. I'm afraid that is just dummy data and the contact form does not do anything. Like this FAQ, they are there to add an authentic feel to the site.

  17. And the social media links?
  18. These are also there to give an authentic feel, yet have no function.

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